Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Science Curriculum

The Science book that I use for my younger girls is called,"How Does God do That? Complete Earth Science." It is written by Paul and Danielle Harris and the cover says it is for ages 8-12. I bought my copy used ,but I found it for sale at Shekinah Curriculum Cellar if your interested. I like this book because it is from a christian perspective,has some nice hands on activities, and I can use it with more than one child at a time.This is the book that I got the instructions from for my girls to make their ,Model of the Sun, that I showed pictures of in my previous post.
My 12 year old boy is using a science text for 7th graders from Abeka called,"Order and Reality." We like all the Abeka science texts.They are very colorful and informative and have lots of good experiments.I also bought him a science kit called Chem C1000 just for fun.This kit should be used with supervision and kept away from small children because of some very dangerous chemicals.
My high school age children are using Apologia ,which I like very much because the text is written like the author is talking right to the reader and the experiments are done mostly with household items.
I'm hoping to have a post soon showing some of our science experiments.

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