Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Parents Prayer

They're only little once.
Grant me the wisdom to guide them down the path that their feet should take.
For I know that they can never turn back and walk those paths with me again.
Give me the wisdom to guide their feetso that someday they'll be able to walk alone.
They're only little once.
Give me the time I need to enjoy them.
For I know that after they're grown, I'll never have another chance
to tell stories and pretend at those tea parties.
I'll never have another chance
to watch them in a school play or sing in church, or to see them catch that first fish or score that first goal or hit that first home run ball.
Give me the time in life's busy scheduleto have fun with my children.
They're only little once.
Let me be a loving parent.
Let me correct and not just punish, explain and not merely scold.
Let me know when to correct, and how often, and when it's best to just look the other way.
Help me be patient and give me a gentle hand to mould them into better people.
They're only little once.
Let me be a good teacher and an even better example.
Give me the right words and deeds to teach them.
Help me to teach them about You and how to walk in Your ways
so that when they are old they will not depart from Your ways.
For they're only little one time,
only innocent and trusting and pliable for a space of time, one minute in an eternity.
Let me do my best for them while I have the chance.
~~ Author Unknown ~~

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